India and France: key partners

Nov 13, 13 India and France: key partners

Plans for an alliance between India and France requires a “Strategic Investment Fund for India” which would bring together public and private sector leaders and which could mobilize all the available means, in particular those of the French Agency for Development (AFD), of the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MAE) and of the Ministry for Higher Education and Research (MESR) and would distribute them according to France’s needs as well as overseeing our long-term commitments and projects.

In recent years France’s on-the-ground presence in India has increased and this has certainly been spear-headed by the President of the Republic: over five years, the number of French companies established in India has quadrupled (80% of France’s top forty stock-market-indexed firms are present in India) and the number of Indian citizens who come to study in France has considerably increased (348 study grants were given by the French Government to Indian students in 2010, representing a budget of €1.06 million).

There is a real need in France for a more developed network of small and medium-sized businesses with structures capable of hooking into the complex and distant market which India represents.

India and France once more now have the opportunity to cross and influence each other paths. It is even clearer today that France must seize and not miss this occasion.

For this:

Strengthen the High-level Political Relationship

Consolidate Cultural, Scientific and Technical Diplomacy

Create a True Educational Partnership

Strengthen Economic Links


Snapshot from from: India – France’s Indispensable Partner, by Eric Woerth and Paul Giacobbi