Where to celebrate Diwali in Paris ?

Oct 22, 13 Where to celebrate Diwali in Paris ?

Diwali or deepavali the festival of light is one of the most important festivals celebrated in their own ways all over India…. more importantly for an Indian who has grown up in India it’s a day to remind himself of his loved ones back home, the blessings he would receive from the elders, the ritualistic poojas at home, the smell of crackers now a distant fragrance, the healthy ghee dripping sweets, the annual house cleaning to welcome the goddess Lakshmi and the fun and excitement in the eyes of children.

Diwali '07

Now in france, away from home and family, many would be missing Diwali! So here are listed a few options to brighten up your Diwali!

There are private parties hosted by families who are now in France since some time and who recreate this atmosphere at home. They invite their colleagues and friends to be part of this festive event!

Among the biggest celebrations is the celebration at Maison de l’Inde. They have sweets, crackers, bollywood party, lots of smiling faces but you need to have either grown up at Maison de l’Inde or have friends there to feel connected to the event… nevertheless its a good alternative.

Apart from that there are some associations (IPA, FAFI …) who celebrate Diwali a little before or after the actual date… you need to be informed about their activities…Do inform us, if you know of other events.

The best celebration is of course with Paris India Connections as you might have already guessed! ;) .. it’s in a friendly atmosphere where you greet known and unknown faces, make new connections, and get nostalgic about the days when you celebrated Diwali. There is a Lakshmi pooja, some firecarckers, ghee dripping sweets (Gajar ka halwa) and smiling people!

And to finish, if on the day of Diwali you are really feeling homesick and lonely and have not been invited to any parties, the best place to head is the Gurudwara! 16-18 rue de la ferme, Bobigny 93000 … You can reach there by going to the terminus of Line 7 and then taking the tram. Trust me, its real Diwali! You get your ghee filled sweets, the langar, firecrackers (ladi!!), the polluted atmosphere smelling just like back home, kids playing around, and you can also go and light a candle among the hundreds lighted outside the Gurudwara.


Wishing you and your near ones a happy and prosporous Diwali!

Team Paris India Connections!